'Harley Street skin clinic

Video Content Creation 


Brief: To create a series of videos with informative and engaging content relating to various services offered by the Harley Street Skin Clinic. (referred herein as HSSC)  

This is by no means hard sell, these videos would help establish and further re-enforce HSSC as the leaders in this segment, not just from a clinical point of view but also an ethical one. We want the content to be useful to a wide variety of people in order to maximise search results and traffic. The content would sit within an online channel or channels  (youtube, vimeo etc) Selected content could also sit on the HSSC website within the appropriate navigation. This would contribute significantly to website dwell times and SEO results. 

We would also suggest creating 1x 'Overview Video' for the business, this would serve two functions, firstly it would give an informative high level overview of current services offered and a good sense of the philosophical and wholistic approach of HSSC.  The overview video would hopefully sit on the front page of the website enabling new visitors to immediately understand what is offered and importantly how it's offered.  This same video would form the introduction for any web based channels, giving an immediate credibility to all further content.  

Look and Feel:  The style of the visual content will be critical to it's success, having met Lesley and Dr Khan we need to convey their unique qualities which are a rare mix of the following ;  down to earth,  highly professional and sensitive. The clinic environment and staff  have a warmth that re-assures and comforts the visitor, you are immediately 'at home' it's anything but 'clinical' This feeling needs to be conveyed as it's a part of the USP.  

Branding:  Harley Street itself is a globally recognised name and location. We could create a bumper or sizzle that proceeds all content as a short intro and gives a clear sense of place to HSSC, have look at the Apple Execs talks and Apple education videos for this. Another approach,  would be to create a clearly branded intro as per the Apple Bergamo video below, and then change the title for each piece of content. This way when the content is shared we always start with HSSC branding.  Or we could create a mix of these approaches. 

Why AWP? :   We  have a deep understanding of video content, with the skills to tell your story in the most compelling way and a clear goal of growing awareness of HSSC. Our clients range from the largest companies in the world to small businesses.  We will create content with a production quality  that reflects the values and culture of HSSC.  We also love working with people.  You can see more of our content by clicking the 'Our Work'  navigation text towards the top RHS of this page.  You can navigate back to this page. 

Bonus:  Adrian is a brand ambassador to a number of brands, this means that any behind the scenes content (with your consent)  will get additional free exposure to at least approx 350 000 people as the behind the scenes content is re-posted by the various brands.  

Deliverables:  Longer Form video (2-4mins) with a number of  shorter (15-120secs)  videos with tips and tricks for the channel and cut down versions designed  for social media outreach. 



MIX: The showreel gives a strong overview of AWP diversity and experience. 


Apple Educations: Please look at the first 7secs in terms of how we might establish the HSSC location as part of the intro bumper. 


Apple Execs:  This is longer bumper but gives another example on how we might establish HSSC video content.


Apple Bergamo:  Please have look at the first 7secs as an example of an opening sequence template example.  


Danny Lane:  Just over a year ago we filmed  a Bloomberg TV documentary about the sculpture Danny Lane who has work installed within the grounds of  Jesus College Cambridge, his  work also features on the ground floor of The Microsoft Research Lab Cambridge.  The video above is part of a pitch for a new project Danny is working on, we used some footage from the original Bloomberg documentary to help establish Danny to the private target audience and mixed it with some new interview footage of Danny describing the project.  I've put this in for fun.