'The Localist'

Visual Content creation 


Moving forward with a visual content plan for 'The Localist' there are a number of opportunities for the new brand to establish itself with a strong visual presence and identity. This will manifest in creating content to work across a number of different platforms and segments.  There are six suggested areas of visual content to consider these are listed below with a broad outline and example of possible execution.  I'm also a brand ambassador for Zeiss lenses, X-rite and BenQ monitors, this means any behind the scenes images we create have the possibility of going out to a Pan European audience of over 100,000 people.  Lastly I'm very excited about the possibilities to create something fresh from the ground up. 


1) Cinemagraphs:  A hybrid of moving imagery and stills,  cinemagraphs have 5x the click through rate of a still image, they are simply mesmerising.  These could feature on the home page of the Localist website and on social media platforms.   Some possible examples are Oven flames burning, Drinks getting poured, food being flambéed , Champagne or Beer bubbling, Pizza being tossed or pasta being made.  We would need to check with the website developers how this might work with the current site. Please see an example below:




2) Vox Pops around the new location:  A small crew consisting of a camera operator, assistant and possibly 1x presenter, we can employ a presenter or perhaps someone from the Sagitter office would like to do   this ? We ask a number of questions to people in the street things like 'Do you know what a Localist is ?' 'Would you call yourself a localist ?'

The crew would be wearing localist branded T-shirts, this needs to be fun and light hearted. From this we create a series of very short and longer form videos to be used across social media. Anyone we film whom shares it on their social media platform gets a free drink or meal ? The video below has over 110000 views. This could be part of the soft launch. 




3) Short Form Videos: With exaggerated sound design mixed with Close up and wide shots.  Here we could create 1x video for food representing each time of the day 'Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner'  in addition making coffee would work well and lastly mixing or pouring a drink. I appreciate the example below  isn't food or drink but imagine the same technique working incredibly well with food. We shall try and find an example if you're having visualising this. To make a simple espresso this would be an amazing use of this editing/filming technique. 




4) Longer Video: This will need to be created as close to the opening of the Localist or possibly after it's open, the main reason is we really want to see the most of the space working.    This is something we might create from a 1st person perspective, eg. The camera is the customer as you enter and experience the Localist.  I like the idea that we try and get this in one take, although this will be complicated and need a lot of planning the end results could be extraordinary. Alternatively we could follow someone as they enter into the localist and witness the warm welcome and excellent service, food, drinks and relaxed unpretentious environment.


5) Still Photography of key Menu Items:  Food images could be used on the website to show off the food but also work with the website layout and design to create a harmony of content.  We also create some images of front of house staff and show them to be relaxed, professional and fun. 



6) Black and White Raw Ingredients Imagery: These images could become art on the walls of the 'Localist' and work across all areas of social media and the website. We would use the plates and surfaces from the restaurant so everything ties together. 




Sagitter  One  New  Venue  pitch

Please find below 3x videos with my thoughts and description beneath each and some additional stills content at the bottom of the page. Many years ago I worked with one of the best food photographers in London, so I understand the logistics of shooting it well. I love food ! It's one of my passions. I also love working with people and in terms of music, well I love that too. (but who doesn't love some type of music?)  we would bring out the very best in your food, music and people.  We would deliver content to work across a wide variety of content platforms, lastly as it would be our goal to provide all the content there would be a consistency of look and feel that links them all together and re-enforces the brand.    


The Piano Works London, This is something we created for the incredibly successful Piano Works in Farringdon London..This video establishes the idea that 'The Piano Works' takes care of all the preparation for a fantastic night out.  All you need to do is turn up and enjoy a wonderful experience. 

EAT , This is a reference piece I found that possibly starts to have the right feeling and edit pace for what I'm imaging in terms of a video for this new restaurant and live music venue in Farringdon. There is a focus on food, obviously we would show the music aspect in a similar fashion. I want to emphasise the sensual feelings of the food, music, ambience and overall feeling of the venue. This is something we can do very successfully through careful sound design and camera work. I want people to get excited and intrigued just watching the piece.

Demon Chef ,  I simply love the close up work of food and sound design in this. 


The food shots above were created for Durrants Hotel in London, we worked directly with their chef.  This particular style is quite clean and straight forward, depending on the food style of the new venue we would adjust the photography style accordingly. 

Lastly, here's a few lifestyle images from the Durrants Hotel shoot, which convey a relaxed and open feeling.